In 1983, "Wojo's" began as a roadside stand at the corner of Oakwood and Hadley Roads selling produce. Since then, we have continued to grow to what has become over 275,000 square feet of greenhouse space, acres of outdoor growing area, and a diverse selection of garden plants from annuals to perennials, trees and shrubs to veggies.  

Season to season, we keep ourselves busy. January ushers in new plant material in the form of cuttings and little plants. In February, our propagation department hands the baton over to annuals and perennials, where we kick it into high gear and start pushing our plants to grow and be ready by Spring. 

By April 1st, it's no joke if we don't have our first crop ready to greet the return of warm weather and our long-missed guests (that's you). After that, you know the story. April through June, we're busy helping you create and maintain your beautiful gardens, while squeezing in a little bit of time in our own flowerbeds. Once July rolls around, we begin looking ahead; our fall mum crop is growing stronger by the day, and poinsettias are getting planted (Christmas in July is a real thing!)

August through October, things settle into a lull as the hustle and bustle of summertime slips back into a familiar routine of schooldays, crisp nights, and beautiful Michigan color. Momentum picks back up in November as we work harder than Santa's elves in finishing our poinsettia crop and hand-making beautiful wreaths, centerpieces, evergreen porch pots, garlands and more to help you ring in the holidays with family, food, love, and cheer. 

Then it's back to January, and we start it all over again. Lucky for us, growing plants and sharing them with you is something we're pretty passionate about. Stop in and see us any time so you can experience firsthand how this story comes to life. We'd love to see you. 

Our goal, with the help of the Lord, is to create an environment where we can all grow both personally and professionally. We strive to be environmentally conscious in producing beautiful and healthy plants for our guests and share with them as much knowledge as possible, so that they can enjoy the success of creating and maintaining their own beautiful gardens.
— Mission Statement