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Blog Contest Winner: How I Became a Gardener

Gardening is truly a way of life, it isn’t easy, but it also isn’t extremely challenging, it doesn’t scream for your attention yet rewards you for ample amounts of love devoted. Gardening is more than just dirt and plants, it is a way to connect with the Earth and to those around you...

Event: Everything About Composting

Composting is an absolutely fantastic way to maintain the health of your soil, increase the bounty of your veggie plants, and enhance the beauty of your flowers. It's also not as hard as you might think and is a great way for you to support the overall health of our environment.

Featured: Vinca 'Wojo's Jem'

We are extremely proud of our Wojo's Jem, a more compact growing vinca vine that is now propagated and sold throughout the country.  It is especially striking in combination with shades of blue, violet and red plants and does very well in sun or shade.