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Blog: The Fun's Not Over Yet!

Well, fall is here. Or, at least it certainly feels like it even if the calendar doesn't officially agree yet! 

Please, though, don't fret. There's still time to plant a tree or a few shrubs and even a few perennials if you're feeling adventurous...

Event: Lake Orion Fall Fun Days!

Crisp air, bright leaves, and the smell of pumpkin, warm spices, and cozy comfort. Celebrate fall at our Lake Orion location with beautiful mums, bright pumpkins, fun displays, and more. We'll ring in the change of seasons with festive spirit and hope to see you there!

Featured: Vinca 'Wojo's Jem'

We are extremely proud of our Wojo's Jem, a more compact growing vinca vine that is now propagated and sold throughout the country.  It is especially striking in combination with shades of blue, violet and red plants and does very well in sun or shade.