What Type of Hydrangea Do I Have? 

In order to determine the care of your hydrangea, it is very important to know what type you have.  Each type will have different requirements for sun, planting location, and pruning.

Peegee -  Peegee hydrangeas are the hardiest of all the hydrangeas.  They are identifiable by a coarse leaf, woody stems, and yellow fall color.  They range in mature height from 4-10 feet.  The most common varieties of peegee hydrangeas are ‘Limelight,’ ‘Pinky Winky,’ and ‘Bobo.' 

Bigleaf - As the name implies, a bigleaf hydrangea has broad, glossy, large leaves. Often these can die down to the ground and come back.  Flowers can be blue, pink, or white.  ‘Endless Summer,’ ‘Pia,’ and ‘Twist and Shout’ are some of the most popular of the bigleaf hydrangeas.

Arborescens - Often referred to as the “snowball” hydrangea, large white flowers make this type easy to identify.  Leaves are coarser than a bigleaf and have a matt surface.  ‘Annabelle’ and ‘Incrediball’ are members of this family. 

Oakleaf – This is the easiest of the hydrangeas to identify with its lobed “oak leafs.”  Oakleaf hydrangeas have peeling bark on woody stems in dark green leaves that turn a dark red in the fall.  Common varieties include ‘Alice,’ ‘Snow Queen,’ and ‘PeeWee.’

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