An outdoor living space is just like any room in your house – there’s a purpose and a specific feel you have in mind for it. What’s more, it’s a space that you want to live in, experience, and create memories with. We offer landscape design services tailored to your specific needs and space because with a space as important as this, you want it just right.

Two options are available:

In-Store Appointment

Schedule a 1½ hour appointment, and together, you and your designer will create a design plan with your hopes, expectations, and needs in mind.  In preparation for your appointment, you will need to fill out the “design checklist” to ensure all the information is ready and available to create a beautiful landscape. Receive a professionally drawn landscape design also.

Cost: $150 (includes a $50 Wojo’s Gift Card). Additional time is available at the rate of $50/hour.

Note: This service is only available for one area or two adjoining areas, such as a front landscape area plus one adjoining area or backyard landscape including pool, patio, or garden area.


On-Site Appointment

Have an on-site consultation right where you want your landscape to be. The designer will be able to take photos and measurements and better gage the possibilities of the site, as well as your needs, expectations, and hopes. As with the In-Store Appointment, you will need to fill out the “design checklist” to ensure that your designer has all of the information she needs. You and the designer will discuss your project and then schedule a follow-up appointment within the following two weeks so that you can together review and approve your plan.

Cost: $350 (includes $75 Wojo’s Gift Card). Designer time over four hours will be charged at $50/half hour on-site as per the client’s approval.